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4 Slice Toaster Oven Brushed Stainless Toaster Appliances Kitchen Home

4 Slice Toaster Oven Brushed Stainless Toaster Appliances Kitchen Home

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Origin: US(Origin)

Power (W): >1201W

Bread Slot Quantity: 4 slices

Voltage (V): 220V



From the manufacturer



About this item

  • CLASSIC DESIGN: Smooth brushed stainless steel housing with polished chrome and black accents to improve any countertop in your kitchen
  • SUPERIOR OPERATION: With two control panels, two 6-setting browning dials, dual reheat, defrost and bagel buttons with LED indicators make toasting so easy
  • MUST-HAVE FEATURES: Extra-lift carriage lever, slide-out crumb tray, convenient cord wrap with an instruction book
  • CAPACITY: 1.5-inch wide toasting slots for all types and sizes of bagels, toast, waffles, pastries and more

Toasting Technology Designed to Excite Your Taste Buds.




Bagel Function

Bagel Setting heats the upper half of the bagel only for a crispy top and a soft, chewy bottom...the way a bagel should be!

If you enjoy a bagel that is crispy on both sides, no need to engage the bagel button. Just toast it like you would a normal piece of bread without pressing the bagel button.

Shade Control Setting

Shade control setting offers a full range of browning options to allow perfect customization of any piece of bread. Use the following settings for:

- Settings 1-2: light shade of toast

- Settings 3-4: medium shade of toast

- Settings 5-6: dark shade of toast

Multiple Toasting Functions

This unit comes with the following toasting functions:

Toast: for normal bread & toasting

Bagel: upper half toasting only

Defrost: First defrost then toast frozen bread

Reheat: Allows to reheat toast/bread without browning or burning it

Cancel: Stops all toasting operation

Versatility to Allow You To Toast in a Variety of Ways.




Extra Wide Slots

1.5" toaster slots allow for a wide variety of items to be toasted with the Cuisinart Compact Toaster. items such as:

- Sliced Bread

- French Toast (Thick & Thin)

- Bagels

- Frozen Pancakes

- Toaster Pastries

High Lift Lever

When your bread is finished toasting, the toaster carriage pops up. Sometimes the size of the bread may prevent the bread for popping clear out of the toaster.

Cuisinart offers a "HI Lift" lever that allows the user to boost the lever upwards, thus lifting the bread clear out of the unit for easy removal from the toaster with your fingers.

Dual Independent Toasting Controls

Two separate control panels allow you to toast two sets of toast (2 slices each) for you and somebody else.

Toast bagels on shade setting 3 on one side, toast/defrost frozen pancakes with shade setting 6 on the other side.

2 People

2 Separate bread types

2 Different shade settings

At the same time

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